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Quantum Reality Crafting
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We evaluate your current reality & target the limiting patterns and beliefs to be removed from your mental hard drive.  Using hypnosis techniques and guided visualization, you are supported to achieve maximum receptivity to a new operating system created by your higher Self in alignment with your best potential.  Let’s empower you to liberate your mental, emotional, and physical bodies.  The intention is to elevate the frequencies of your attractor field to a higher octave while moving it into harmony with the Source of your consciousness.  Optimal manifesting flow is now accessible for creating your true heart's desire.

90 mins/Price $222

*Packages available for multiple sessions after our initial consultation.

Quantum Timeline Release & Reality Creation



Clear the sky of your mind so you can hear the song of your True Heart's Desire. Learn how to be a Quantum Dream Weaver.

Empower your life with your Soul's Love Song.

Sacred Mirror

Sacred Mirror Oracle Reading

Using your Galactic Mayan Dreamspell birth astrology, we open your lens of perception to consider an expanded perspective of the destiny you chose when you incarnated.  Ideally, you will come to see your Self and the possibilities for what and how you create your life in a new way. We can explore the unique gifts and strengthening challenges you chose to create in your Earth odyssey as well as any areas of interest or specific questions you may have about your current life.

60 mins/Price $144

*Packages available for multiple sessions after our initial consultation.

Quantum Healing Hypnosis
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Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique (QHHT)

In this session, you are guided to access the theta and gamma brainwave states so that you can Source through yourself the wisdom you seek. You are coached and supported to become a psychic/spiritual channel by a professional in the field so that you can access your own extra sensory perceptions. Dolores Cannon’s masterful technique has a resounding reputation for helping people around the world experience revelatory awareness and Self/Source healing. 

You have the power to create a holistic game-changing event in your life. 

This medium has the potential to support you to embody your super-consciousness in a way that is tailored to ideally fit your unique energy signature and soul design.

What happens:

  • You bring at least 5-15 questions and a list of any physical issues or challenges.

  • We do a thorough interview to establish the best possible foundation for you to find the answers to your questions.

  • The induction to the theta/gamma brain wave state is created through hypnotic techniques and a guided visualization.

  • We explore your sub-conscious through the lens of the super-conscious portal we have created to your own highest knowing. You answer your own questions from this state. The session is recorded so you can process the session at your leisure and as often as you wish.

4hours/Price $444

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Crystal Manifestation & Energy Attunements

During this session you are lying on an amethyst and black tourmaline crystal Biomat which radiates far infrared rays and negative ions.  Additional crystals and minerals are placed on your body, to potentiate an experience for you to harmonize and balance your mental, emotional, physical and spiritual bodies. Eve will gently guide you through a quantum visualization co-created by you to amplify and manifest your true hearts desire. We will synergize your bio-receptivity for easeful integration and maximum benefit.

House calls available.
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Crystal Healing
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